25.01.2013 Press Release by DFKI (German)

14.11.2012 SmartFactoryKL wins Audi Production Award 2012

Under the motto "People in production" several international teams investigated how the automotive production of tomorrow will look like. The team of SmartFactoryKL (Dominic Gorecky and Katharina Mura) won the Audi Production Award competition. The award was endowed with a prize money of 5.000€. In their concept "mobility, social networks and the digital factory introduces innovative assistance, cooperation and training" they involved and presented also experiences from the COGNITO project.

Presentation of the Audi Production Award to the SmartFactoryKL team at AUDI AG.

12.11.2012 SmartFactoryKL wins the idea contest of Software AG

With the realization of an Augmented Reality-based assembly scenario, SmartFactoryKL won an idea contest of Software AG, a world leader in enterprise management software. The contest was endowed with a prize money of 10.000€. The demonstrator will also be shown at the CeBIT 2013.

Press release (German)

14.03.2012 Press conference in the DFKI living lab SmartFactory.

On occasion of presenting current activities and discussing upcoming challenges towards the factory of the future, a press conference took place at DFKI and SmartFactory. Journalists from German specialist press, regional press as well as a national TV crews attended the event. Among a variety of live demonstrations the COGNITO project was presented. We showed how an on-line ergonomic assessment and feedback of user's postures during industrial tasks could help to prevent hazardous musculoskeletal load.

02.03.2012 Cognito @ CeBIT 2012.

DFKI's demonstrator "Augmented Reality Manuals" will be presented at CeBIT 2012. The underlying technology has been partially funded by COGNITO.

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28.08.2010 Cognito - Teaching Computers.
A report on the project to discover how computers might learn from us. (produced by BBC World)


Walterio W. Mayol-Cuevas, Bristol University, appears in "Digital Planet" produced by BBC World talking about the COGNITO project.
The interesting part starts in chapter 4 (about 22 minutes into the program)


25.08.2010 Another article has been published in the "Revista de Imprensa" magazine.

Read article on page 13.


19.07.2010 Article about COGNITO on and (Portuguese)

Link (Portuguese)


19.07.2010 CCG participates in a project that intends to capture and recognize automatically sense and motion human actions (English)


19.07.2010 COGNITO Flyer CCG

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30.06.2010 COGNITO Flyer DFKI

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