21.02.2012 Final COGNITO review

The final COGNITO project review took place in Kaiserslautern at 21.02.2013. The review was organised as a full-day event. Several convincing live demonstrations were presented to the reviewers and the project officer (video demonstrations are available here), supported by presentations detailing the underlying novel technologies developed within the project and their broader impact. The event was a great success and a worth-while conclusion of the COGNITO project, which ended in December 2012. Both reviewers stated that they were impressed with the work performed, the close-coupled integration, the active collaboration among the partners as well as the scientific and technological progress.
The COGNITO consortium would like to thank the European Commission for the financial support, and the reviewers for their guidance and constructive comments throughout the project.

4.-5.12.2012 Useware 2012

DFKI's COGNITO demonstrators Augmented Reality Manual and Online Ergonomic Assessment were shown at the Useware 2012, a national scientific conference focusing on the design of technologies that are based on human needs and skills, this year organized by SmartFactoryKL and DFKI. The scientific community showed a high interest in these innovative technologies.

28.11.2012 - Innovative system for real-time ergonomic feedback in industrial manufacturing accepted for publication in the journal Applied Ergonomics.

A collaborative work between the project partners UTC, DFKI and SmartFactory resulted in the article "Innovative system for real-time ergonomic feedback in industrial manufacturing", which has now been accepted for publication in the journal Applied Ergonomics. The article describes the RULA Online Ergonomic Assessment prototype and a user study carried out in the SmartFactory living lab. The results of this study demonstrated that the real-time ergonomic feedback significantly decreased the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) at global and segmental levels. Hence, this novel tool could be used to directly reduce the risk of MSDs in industry and to support and optimize the longterm performance of workers.

15.11.2012 Innovation Day 2012

The Innovation Day is a yearly event in the SmartFactoryKL. This year around 70 partners from industry as well as researchers and politicians attended presentations and demonstrations of the latest developments for the factory of the future. In this context, DFKI presented two outcomes of the COGNITO project, Augmented Reality Manual and Online Ergonomic Assessment and received a lot of positive feedback.

Online Ergonomic Assessment demonstration for Eveline Lemke (minister for economic affairs, Rhineland-Palatinate) at the Innovation Day.

12.-14.10.2012 - COGNITO @ "Fête de la Science" in Compiegne

During the public session of the Fête de la Science in Compiegne, UTC/CNRS inspired the audience with demonstrations of COGNITO and its motion capturing technology

7.10.2012 - Workshop "Cognitive Assistive Systems: Closing the Action-Perception Loop" held at IROS 2012

The COGNITO consortium organized the First International Workshop on Cognitive Assistive Systems: Closing the Action-Perception Loop (CAS 2012). The event was co-located with the leading robotics conference IROS and took place in Vila Moura, Portugal, on the 7th of October 2012. The goal of the workshop was to discuss the state-of-the-art methods in assistive systems and to present the COGNITO project's outcomes to a wider audience. With several inspiring invited talks, oral and poster presentations, and an enlightening final panel discussion, the enthusiasm of organizers and speakers reflected on the audience and made the event a big success and a fruitful experience for everyone.
The program and the workshop proceedings can be found here:

The organizers would like to thank all the speakers for their contribution.

September 2012 (Guildford, UK)

The work on real-time detection of multiple textureless objects, which was developed in Bristol as part of the COGNITO project was awarded the Best Poster Prize at the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) 2012. The paper, entitled "Real-time Learning and Detection of 3D Texture-less Objects: A Scalable Approach" was recognised for its technical soundness and presentation at the main British conference on computer vision. During the conference, the work attracted the delegates' interest, particularly during the demo session at which a live performance of the real-time detector was presented.

10-13.09.2012 - New challenging workflow captured in SmartFactory

The COGNITO developer team met for four days at DFKI. The first two days were used for integration activities between the different partners. During the last two days, a new challenging dataset was captured in the SmartFactory. The new workflow scenario includes the installation of a ball valve and the reassembly of a pump system.

Industrial scenario "Ball Valve". This video (3:16 minutes) shows the complete task.

27-28.02.2012 - User evaluation of COGNITO biomechanical analysis prototype

In close cooperation, team members from UTC, DFKI and SmartFactory have developed a system for online global ergonomic evaluation of a worker while performing a task. The system continuously estimates the worker's motions based on a body sensor network and derives global biomechanical scores using the ergonomic tool Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA). Based on this, the user receives visual (through the HMD) and acoustic feedback in real-time. This permits the worker to modify his posture immediately to decrease his risk of a musculosceletal disorder. A preliminary user study with 12 participants at the site of SmartFactory showed promising results.

Check out the video demonstration!

23-26.01.2012 - Combined integration, project meeting, and data capture at DFKI

The COGNITO consortium met for an extended project meeting at DFKI. The first day was used for integration activities between the different partners. This was followed by an official meeting and a data capture in the industrial environment of SmartFactory.

17.11.2011 - Processed workflow data available

The low-level sensor measurements captured at DFKI in September have now been processed. Higher-level information, such as upper-body, object and hand positions, has been made available for workflow learning and recognition. See video.

08.09.2011 - Workflow data captured with fully-fledged on-body sensor network

Realistic measurement data streams from several on-body IMUs, a Camera-IMU and a Kinect have been collected by team members from Bristol and DFKI. The measurements will now be processed to extract the higher-level information that forms the basis for workflow learning and recognition.

July 2011 - The first COGNITO prototype user evaluation

SmartFactory did in June perform a user evaluation of the COGNITO system prototype. The tests coverede ergonimics, user acceptance, and the capability of the COGNITO concept and prove valuable for insights for the further development in the COGNITO project's second phase.

January 2011 - The on-body sensor network has been upgraded with wireless sensors.

Trivisio has started to deliver the first versions of wireless IMUs to DFKI. These "Colibri Wireless" IMUs replace the wired IMUs in the on-body sensor network, making it less intrusive for the wearer.

05.11.2010 - Workflow data captured with the on-body sensor network.

Team members from Bristol and DFKI together collected realistic measurement data. The measurements will now be processed and then made available to down-stream partners the next couple of month.

August 2010 - First prototype of the on-body sensor network made available to partners.

The first prototype of the COGNITO on-body sensor network has been made available by Trivisio to the project partners. DFKI has received a sensor network comprising four wired "Colibri" IMUs and a Camera-IMU. CCG has received a first prototype head-mounted display for developing the user interaction.

April 2010 - Data collection and first exchange of software

During the next meeting at Bristol, software has been integrated and the first collection of data started. For that we use high-accuracy (expensive) optical tracking system with markers which provide us with first “ground-truth” motion data. The first arm-tracking from DFKI (Augmented Vision) with two intertial sensors from Trivisio have been installed at Bristol.

21.01.2010 - Project launch in Kaiserslautern, Germany

All the partners meet at DFKI over two days to start to define the scientific approach of COGNITO and plan the first common work until the early demonstrator. News sensors & sensor fusion methods, tight coupling with the workflow analysis and the rendering are core topics which will be discussed and explored in this first meeting.